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Program At a Glance


Opening Remarks
Indirect bio-inspiration

Keynote – Sheri Markose: The Digital Origins of Intelligence: How we became smart and protean

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 
Field coverage for weed mapping toward experiments with a UAV swarm
Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization for Evolving Soft Robots in Different Environments
Bio-inspired Approaches to Cyber Systems
Cyber Regulatory Networks: Towards A Bio-inspired Auto-resilient Framework for Cyber-Defense
Bio-inspired Approach To Thwart Against Insider Threats: An Access Control Policy Regulation Framework
 Bio-inspired System Identification Attacks in Noisy Networked Control Systems


Foundational bio-inspiration 
Bio-Inspired and Brain-inspired Computing 
Classification of Permutation Distance Metrics for Fitness Landscape Analysis
Tracking and improving Bio-Inspired Tech-Ontologies. The Cognitive Brain Sciences case
A Distribution Control of Weight Vector Set for Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Keynote – Brian Skryms: From Democritus to Signaling Networks

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Music Event and Banquet


Day 2

Direct bio-inspiration

Keynote – Michael Lotze: Know Yourself: Evaluating the Full Adaptome in TIL, PBMC, and Lymph Nodes in Solid Tumor Patients

Nano Medicine and Medical Informatics
Medical Diagnostics Based on Encrypted Medical Data
Membrane computing Aggregation (MCA): An upgraded Framework for Transition P-Systems.
Cheating the Beta Cells To Delay the Beginning of Type-2 Diabetes Through Artificial Segregation of Insulin
Artificial Chemistry and Biology
Self-Assembly from a Single-Molecule Perspective
A Scalable Parallel Framework for Multicellular Communication in Bacterial Quorum Sensing
Physics-Based Nanomedicine to Alleviate Anomalous Events in the Human Kidney


Ethics in AI applications in Industry and Startups (Panel)
Human Machine Teaming (Panel) 
Philosophy of Biological Mimicry (Panel)
Lab Tour
Panel Discussion
Closing Remarks
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