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10th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS)

March 15–16, 2017 | Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

  Sensing and Functional Imaging of Dynamic and Networked Neural Activity in the Brain

Hargsoon Yoon


Recent neural sensing and imaging technologies have allowed the exploration of the brain at the molecular-cell-biological level for the understanding of the mechanisms of mentation and brain diseases.  Group cellular events are associated with the global brain function and the local neuro-physiological changes. Despite various advances, understanding and interfacing molecular and cellular events with neural network functions is still quite challenging.

To address the challenge, recording and imaging of neural activity in multiple spatial and temporal scales are critically important. The integrative sensing and functional imaging can lead to radical advances in understanding brain function and enable quantitative mathematical modeling and analysis of neural systems.

This presentation introduces neurochemical and electrophysiological sensing in molecular and cellular levels of dynamic neural activity. This presentation also discusses fast neural imaging technology using electrical impedance tomography to illustrate functional neuronal networks in the mesoscale level of cell populations, especially in deep brain structures. The principle of this imaging technology is based on the electrical impedance change by molecular transport through ion channels on nerve membranes. 


Dr. Hargsoon is an Associate Professor of the Engineering Department, the Director of Nano-Electronics and Neural Engineering Laboratory at the Norfolk State University, and the Adjunct Associate Professor of Anatomy and Pathology Department at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Engineering Science from Pennsylvania State University in 2003.

He has developed several flexible polymer nanoelectronic devices for neural recordings and functional imaging in the brain using electrical impedance tomography. His research works have been funded by NSF, NASA, DoD and NIH in external funding and led to the publications in many journals and conferences. He serves as a Guest Editor in a journal Biosensors, an editorial board member of a journal The Scientific Pages of Translational Medicine, and as a program committee member of the SPIE International Conference for Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and Systems. He also serves as a review panel of the NIH Brain Initiative Grant Program in 2015-2017. He is also involved in the peer-review processes of several internationally reputed journals in addition to holding membership in the Society for Neuroscience and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society as a Senior Member.